Ear Candle Precautions For Safer Use

Ear candling or coning is a pain free practice that is part of alternative medicine, and some people even find it completely relaxes them, particularly when they have someone else in the room to help place the candle in the right position and make sure no accidents occur.

You can buy ear candles online and even get a discount on your first order when you sign up on certain specialized websites, and there are plenty of options to choose from.

A cautionary word, though: make sure the retailer you buy ear candles from is reliable and sells genuine candle brands that are sturdy enough not to break during usage and are made of real beeswax, not other ingredients that can cause harm.


Ear candles are basically hollowed candles that some people use to improve their health or merely to get rid of stubborn earwax; they do this by lighting one end of the candle, usually the wide one, and then placing the other, narrow end in the ear. Never push or force the candle into your ear, but place it there gently, in a vertical position. It is important to pay attention to this, since injuries can occur if you place the lit end into your ear canal, so be extra careful when you handle your ear candles so as not to accidentally damage your ears or set your hair on fire.

To avoid this unfortunate scenario, some ear candle brands come with a protective disk that can be wrapped around the candle to prevent any melted wax from reaching the skin or hair. Moreover, there is a special ring on some candle models that lets you know it is time to put out the flame once it has reached the ring; first remove the candle from your ear without tilting it, then extinguish the flame in a glass of water that you can keep close at hand.

Nevertheless, not everyone can safely use ear candles. For example, people with a perforated eardrum are discouraged from candling their ears as this can lead to serious injury, while other people can become allergic to the beeswax or other ingredients in the candles. And even if you are healthy and take all precautions, note that frequent and/ or prolonged usage can be dangerous, especially in the case of children, so it may be best to avoid turning ear candling into a habit. Just use it when you have some ear problem or use after a certain period of time when you need relaxation.